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Precise temperature control.
It's in your hands.


What is Celsius°Cooking™

It´s in your hands. Create with confidence, control and perfect precision.

The Celsius°Cooking™ system consists of bluetooth connected accessories that enables temperature precise cooking, guided cooking recipes that supports you in your cooking and a range of premium induction hobs with endless possibilities to match your kitchen design.

The hob, pan, pot and probe communicate with each other using Bluetooth to always ensure the right temperature and the right heat at the right time. There is even a companion Celsius°Cooking™ website, which is home to a large collection of inspirational step-by-step recipes, specially created for temperature precise cooking. The recipes come in the form of short films that guide home chefs through each step of the cooking process. The recipes are fun, inspiring and a great way to experience everything the Celsius°Cooking™ system from ASKO has to offer.

The Guided Cooking.
The space and freedom to create.

The Celsius°Cooking™ website is home to a wide range of exciting, inspirational and delicious recipes, specially created for ASKO by expert chefs.

The recipe website gives step-by-step instructions how to cook a dish to perfection, including precise temperatures and Celsius°Cooking™ menu programs. 

The website gives you video guidance on each step of the cooking process.

Explore our recipe website here. 

Top-quality induction.

 The latest induction technology in the hob means consistent high power, an effective cooling system, and solid electrical components for durability. It's built to last, and to perform beautifully. 


Hood to hob function

Not only will your ASKO cooker hood switch on when you start cooking, it will have the capability to "read" what's happening on the hob and change its own performance to suit. The cooker hood is, in effect, another part of the system – but one which is focused on cleanliness, and comfort, in the heart of your home.

Auto Bridge™

When using extra-large pots and pans, the Auto Bridge function in designated zones expands the induction cooking area and gives total coverage for bigger dishes, grill pans and teppanyaki.

Easy Dial 2.0

The Circular Slider control on the hob's touch displays shows you what level you have the heat at, both graphically and numerically. You can either get a visual feel for how much heat you're cooking with, or go by the number – either power level, or temperature.

Power Management

The Celsius cooking hobs include a current limiter, where you can define the power supply of your household so that the hob never exceeds power limitations.


Celsius°Cooking™ menu

The hob comes along with integrated Celsius°Cooking™ programs, optimized for Celsius°Cooking™ cookware. With this menu three different cooking methods can be chosen, with different temperature ranges.

Heating up and frying
This program is to reach high temperatures rapidly. High pan bottom temperatures can be reached.

Boiling or cooking with water
This program is to reach higher water temperatures quickly. Medium pan bottom temperatures can be reached.

Slow cooking or sous vide
This program is to control low to medium temperatures, preventing high bottom temperatures.


Plus menu cooking

The PLUS menu allows cooking with semi-automatic programs, enabling temperature cooking with all kind of cookware that are compatible with induction hobs.

Exclusively for bridged cooking zones, that are combined to a larger cooking zone. Grilling is optimized for ASKO induction accessories: grill plate and teppanyaki.

With this function you can easily cook vegetable, fish, bacon, meat, fried potatoes or eggs by using butter or oil.

Keeping warm and Heating up
With this function you can, for example, melt chocolate (45°C), keep food warm (70°C), simmer (94°C) or bring to boil (100°C).


Power level cooking

Standard Power Level cooking with up to 12 fine-tuned Power Levels and a Boost-Level to get water boiling quickly. Every cooking zone has its own dedicated control - with separate countdown and stopwatch timers.