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ASKO coffee machine makes delicious coffee time after time.

Imagine having a barista in your own kitchen.

Our coffee machines makes delicious espresso, black coffee, cappuccino or caffè latte time after time. The strength, quantity and degree of grinding can be adjusted for the perfect desired result.

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Prefer coffee beans or ground coffee?

The highly effective grinder grinds your coffee beans to the perfect grain size in just a few seconds. It’s just as easy to fill the coffee machine with pre-ground coffee if you prefer.

15 BAR - Pump pressure

ASKO automatic coffee machines comes with 15 BAR, pump pressure. Average pressure for 1 cup, perfect is minimum 9 bar.

Touch control interface

The interface is easy and engaging to use and will encourage you to explore all features and functions of the appliance. Intuitive interface software based on consumer insights and usability tests.

Automatic coffee programmes

ASKO coffee machine have many coffee programmes you can choose from, like espresso, black coffee, cappuccino or caffè latte.

Custom recipes for different tastes

Everyone has their own idea of how a perfect cup of coffee will taste. It can be about the difficult balance between strength and bust or as simple as the amount of coffee you prefer. In our coffee machines you can taste your perfect coffee concept and then save it. Let the coffee be a good morning routine.

The perfect milk froth

For many coffee lovers the milk and the quality of the milk froth is as important as the coffee itself. Perfect milk froth has a temperature at around 60°C and it should have around 2/3 foam and 1/3 liquid. To achieve thickness and crema the froth must only contain small bubbles - microbubbles. Added to that perfectly brewed Espresso magic emerges.

A clean coffee taste

Clean equipment is all important to the taste of really good coffee. Therefore, all the parts that you may need to clean are easy to remove, such as the brewer unit, spouts and drip tray.