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Modern, functional and beautiful kitchen products – made to let you indulge your creativity and passion.

The heart of the home

For many of us, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Not only is it where we make the food that nourishes us, it's also a place where creativity and enjoyment can be let loose – with the right ingredients, and the right equipment.

As a result, we have created our kitchen appliances to function beautifully, but also to give you the chance to explore your own passion for food and drink. They've been inspired by the durability and versatility of professional kitchens, designed to harmonize with your home, and built to last for years. But above all else, they've been made to let you create, serve and store healthy, delicious food.


ASKO ovens come with a unique interaction philosophy – based on a TFT touchscreen, with the most frequently-used functions always at your fingertips. The interface is easy to get to grips with and a joy to use, and will inspire you to explore all of the oven's features and functions. You can let the oven do the hard work itself by selecting any of the auto programmes it comes equipped with. Simply select a dish from a list of programmes, adjust the weight and intensity if necessary, and then let the oven take good care of the rest.

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No matter whether you like gas or induction best, with an ASKO hob in the kitchen you will always have perfect control of the heat. Our gas hobs feature the unique Volcano wok burner, with its highly concentrated flame and stable support for the pan, while the induction hobs are equipped with Bridge Induction™ zones – making it possible to combine different sized pans.

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Coffee machines

Our coffee machines have been carefully designed to provide a perfect match to the other products in your kitchen – as well as providing you with that perfect, hot first cup of the day. (And all of the ones that follow it, of course.) With a unique interaction and control philosophy based on a TFT touch interface, you can get your coffee exactly how you want it. The interface gives access to over 50 different programs, options and settings. Like: choosing the drink size, language selection, automatic rinsing, hot water setting and a descaling program. All daily-use components are easily detachable and very easy to clean. And no harsh solvents are needed to wash the machine: even the descaling operation makes use of a simple natural solution instead of the usual dangerous chemical tablets.

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Warming, vacuum and storage drawers

Really show your cooking some love by bringing professional-level capabilities into your own kitchen. This 14 cm high drawer is designed to fit perfectly and be installed with both 45cm and 60cm combi steamers in the same range. It can be used for vacuum-packing food for sous vide cooking, but also for storing, packing or portioning your delicious creations.

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ASKO's dishwashers are made of steel. This has been the case for decades, and when you open the door, it is clear that the dishwasher contains more steel than any other machine on the market. With our new generation of dishwashers, we want to put even more focus on this fact. The machine gives the impression of being robust and reliable, but at the same time also has the elegant, slim and refined lines that characterize Scandinavian minimalism.

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ASKO designs every appliance with a commitment to complementing the modern home. The Scandinavian style embedded in our refrigerators can enhance the appearance of any kitchen. However, if you prefer, you can also replace the doors with your own in order to perfectly match your existing cabinetry.

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Wine Climate Cabinets

We have perfectly calibrated our Climate Cabinets to provide ideal lighting conditions, monitor humidity, and have made them virtually free from vibrations. The perfect home for your prized possessions.

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Kitchen accessories

For you to get the right conditions and to succeed with your ASKO kitchen appliances, we also offer a wide range of ASKO accessories. Our accessories are created to match our appliances perfectly. They also allow you to adapt your appliance to match your personal requirements. With ASKO accessories your ASKO appliance will reach its full potential.

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For those who expect more

We love the warmth, the light, the sounds and the scents of a kitchen – a really magical place at the heart of the home. And we've been selling high quality appliances for decades, giving us all the experience we need to create a range that both exemplifies everything we love about design and function, and helps you explore the joy of cooking in exciting new ways.

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