ASKO Craft Black Steel

The ASKO Craft Black Steel design series contains more than just white goods for your kitchen. The individual elements are small works of art that underpin Scandinavian cuisine with an exclusive and streamlined look. The finest materials are brought together with cutting-edge technology, and together with the unsurpassed expertise that our designers and craftsmen deliver to the products, we have created ASKO Craft Black Steel so that you can cook like a professional at home in your own kitchen.

Every little detail is thought out. The harmonious interaction between innovation and design gives an elegant finish to your kitchen.

Jon Carlehed, Head of Design at Asko Appliances

Professional cooking

With the ASKO Craft Black Steel series, you can choose to cook sous vide, with steam and with stage cooking programs that combine several cooking methods. The series encourages you to lift gastronomy to a new level - at home in your own kitchen.

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